Interested in becoming an ABS dealer?

Allied Building Stores generates the purchasing power of hundreds of locations throughout 12 southern states and is backed by more than 1,000 vendors. Our vendors relationships help provide the membership with competitive prices, quality products, and product availability.

Allied Building Stores is a Co-op who passes all vendor terms, discounts, and rebates to the dealer. ABS has professional buyers and traders who negotiate incredible programs on behalf of our dealers. Also, the buyers and traders routinely give market advice to our members as to when to get in and when to get out of commodity markets.

Our team of professional buyers communicate prompt market information through the ABS website which keeps the ABS dealer up-to-date with market pricing and availability. Timely market buy calls by professional buyers help position the ABS dealer at or near the market bottom allowing the dealer to maximize his time and profits.

  • Enormous buying power
  • Access to a vast vendor base
  • Prompt market information
  • Professional buy calls
  • Build meaningful relationship with other dealers in industry
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