Who is ABS?

In the mid-1960s a group of lumber dealers realized that when it comes to success in business, they would go further together as a united front. From that insight they banded together to form Allied Building Stores - a modern co-op ready to compete against the big box stores of the day. And boy, did they ever!

From the 25 stores we began with in 1965 to the hundreds of locations over 12 states we serve today, ABS strives to stay ahead of the curve to adapt to dealers needs in ever-changing markets. We have one goal and that is to improve our dealer’s bottom lines.

Our buying power, market expertise, and industry experience of over 5 decades, enables us to keep our dealers successful, profitable, and sustainable. And that is why we exist.

How we engage?

  • Published market data
  • Streamlined access to market expertise
  • Enabling members to leverage ABS’ knowledge in real time
  • Availability of staff and digital access to professional market advice

What Our Members Say

We really appreciate ABS’s vendor rebate program. We receive funds monthly and the amount we receive far exceeds the cost of our support fees. ABS pays me to belong to their organization. What a deal!

  • Paul Pixley
  • Pixley Lumber

I think it is safe to say that we would not be the same company we are today without ABS. ABS has helped us capture a significant amount of market share as other competitors have found it more difficult to compete in this down economy. ABS has provided us the strength to be aggressive instead of passive in our local market.

  • Michael Townsend
  • Townsend Building

I feel that ABS is the key supplier source that has been instrumental in our growth since 1971.

  • Dennis Stine
  • Stine Lumber

Cassity Jones Lumber is proud to be a member of the ABS family of dealers. ABS has become a crucial member of our purchasing staff and with valuable access to vendor contacts and information; we continue to rely on their market advice to competitively and profitably service our customer base.

  • Jimmy Jones CFO
  • Cassity Jones

We simply could not compete in certain categories without the programs that ABS offers to us.That being said, it is the staff at ABS that I count on to help our 125 year old business have an edge in the market. I truly feel like they are an extension of my staff.

  • Mark Woods
  • Woods Lumber